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About us

The law firm is the direction of Paolo Marson. It employs a staff of twelve, including several highly qualified lawyers and associates as well as an efficient administrative staff which provides support, information management, logistics, and organization.

The firm’s primary goal is the establishment and maintenance of a level of excellence in providing services to its clients. The law firm primary aim is the clients’ satisfaction. To accomplish this, the law firm is equipped with strong a management system and quality control. That enables compliance with training, improvement of infrastructure, and ethical rules.


avv. Paolo Marson

Firm Members

avv. Luca Paolo Cavagnaro
avv. Paolo Foti
avv. Sabrina Carta
avv. Marcella Pata
avv. Manuela Pessano
avv. Elisa Barla De Guglielmi
avv. Marzia Leidi
avv. Paola Bendoni
avv. Elisa Bucci
avv. Sonia Cossu
avv. Silvia Malivindi
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dott. Laura Nicora
dott. Chiara Ferrando
dott. Elisa Avigo
dott. Maria Cristina Russo
dott. Giuseppe Chianta
dott. Simona Pastorino
dott. Enrica Barlocco
dott. Matteo Buffa

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head officer

rag. Cristina Biale

head frontoffice and press office

dott. Laura Tagliapietra

IT Manager

ing. Andrea Olivi

executive manager

Daniela Fracchia

executive staff

dott. Darianna Monti

Micol Masio

Claudia Ravera

Elena Dodino

Manuela Secci